Saturday, 3 March 2012

'carved' in my heart

In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful...

What do i feel about usrah?
What am i trying to find in this 'thing' called usrah?

That feeling,
It's hard to explain...
Harder to be written in form of words in a piece of paper...

In simple word, all i can say is..

Beautiful gift from Him
Beautiful ukhwah
Beautiful sayings
Beautiful surrounding
Beautiful meeting
Beautiful 'circle'
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...<3

Sorry, that white and clean paper last night, is still white and clean till this very moment...(wpun ade conteng2 sket tp contengan itu x sedikit pun menggambarkan apa yg terconteng di hati ini =p)
What is carved in my heart, i can't describe it into words for it's ape ek?? look i can't even describe this) 

But i promise to myself, i'll try my best to find the true and pure answer
To the question 'what am i trying to find in this thing called usrah?'
I know my weaknesses as human and slave to Him 
Are the reasons for this 'endless searching for the missing thing'

'Endless'... yes. It's so called as endless because there is no end to this searching until we find ourselves deserved to be in
HIS heaven

And to be deserved in HIS heaven, I have to live and die just, only for HIM alone,every moment is moment of jihad, and the my last breath should be the last breath of a syuhada'
I know for someone like me, this dream and ambition is just like dreaming of stars lie beautifully in my hands.

But as my sr said, 'cita2 biar setinggi yang boleh sekurang-kurangnya kalu x tercapai pun biarlah cita-cita tinggi itu yang memandu jalan hidup kita' :')

I got a new naqibah, she's cute...can't wait for the next usrah...=))) hope to gain as many knowledge as i can. Bizznillah...^^ and become a better person insyaAllah...

But i do miss my last, my last usrah...for that is my first 'bulatan gembira' 
Gonna miss u guys, miss u lillahitaala...<3 thanx to u all, syukran to my lovely naqibah-naqibah <3
May Allah bless

'Indahnya ukhwah bukan terletak pada indahnya pertemuan tetapi doa seseorang kepada saudaranya'
*Imam Al Ghazali